Cliff jumping in HK?

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      I have a quick question – is there any good place to go cliff jumping in Hong Kong? I’ve looked online for a while now and no luck, but I’m certain that there’s some place to so it, because I keep on seeing people’s pictures…

      I live out in Sai Kung, and I’ve kayaked to a whole bunch of random islands in clearwater bay – beautiful, but the way all of the islands were formed, the water is very, very shallow. I’d love to find a place to hike/kayak to and have a good rock to jump off of (anywhere, not only in Sai Kung district)

      Thanks in advance. This site is a great resource


      Hi Cliff:

      Believe I’ve heard that Wang Chau, one of easternmost Sai Kung islands, is ok for climbing cliffs then jumping off.

      Dunno about Tung Lung Chau, off Clearw Bay peninsula – certainly has impressive sea cliffs, but not sure if can jump off them and live!

      Wonder re southern Tung Ping Chau – might be places where could jump and not land on wave cut platform (ouch!)


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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