Climateers Hong Kong by WWF HK a curious mishmash

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    Back in spring, I was asked to WWF Hong Kong office to talk re maybe helping write a website on climate change; heard nothing more from them. Lately seen in SCM Post re WWF HK starting Climateers site. Had a look at this, and doesn’t seem to me strong enough for the task in hand; nor inspirational.
    To me, graphics recall Monty Python. Text not too informative, lacking passion, and with public relations puffing –

    Be a Climateer
    Climate Change. So can you

    never mind the grammar, eh?

    Global warming is the buzzword of the decade

    – good grief, were no grown-ups involved in the site?! UN has recently called climate change the defining challenge of our age. Yet, to Climateers Hong Kong, global warming’s a buzzword. :woohoo:

    At heart of the site is a carbon calculator, to help people in HK reduce the carbon output through their activities. (Just realised: didn’t include food when I tried: HK overall footprint could surely be reduced a good deal if bought more regional/local produce.)

    But, not much else re action; lack re advocacy and so forth, being prepared to support energy sources etc that might cost more in other ways. Combating climate change means profound changes, not just some people with somewhat lower carbon footprints.
    And if we don’t actively undertake profound changes, then profound changes will happen to us, in various real unpleasant ways.

    The site’s at: Climateers Hong Kong
    I’ve written more about it at:
    Is Climateers by WWF HK the way to solve global warming Hmm

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