Demanding Hong Kong outings – and driftwood

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    here’s a recent email I’ve received:

    Dear Martin,

    even though I live already several years in HK and I love hiking (the tougher and more rugged the better) I just found your marvellous website by coincidence.
    As I am a wood lover and hobby sculpturer I would like to know whether there are any places (beaches/coastal areas) somewhere in HK where to find driftwood.
    In case you have ever seen something suitable I would love to hear it. No matter how difficult it is to get there.
    And if you have any hints on very demanding tours, treks or expeditions (no path, no problem) please contact me as well. Beiung an experiences New Guinea explorer I would love to explore also more of HKs wild places.

    my reply:

    Thanks for the email; glad you like the site.

    Not sure re driftwood; a guy here on Cheung Chau finds n carves driftwood.
    Beaches facing prevailing wind of the time I suppose; can’t remember any strewn with wood, tho maybe on Soko Islands (mainly, tho, noting tideline for polystyrene etc).

    One idea is stream to near Tung Chung, from high in north slopes of Sunset Peak. I went up once, found it tough but beautiful. On I think, as some other trips.

    Luk Wu stream from Sai Wan upwards (sai kung area) said to be good trip; I haven’t done.
    hong kong adventurer site focuses more on tougher routes.

    If you manage good route, want more info etc, forum posts welcome; could be will be reply or two, and should interest others.

    All the best,

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