Discovery Bay to Mui Wo including Olympic Trail (Greens Path)

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    Up for another adventure to Mui wo through Tiger Head Trail(Lo Fu Tau Trail)It took me 3 hours to cover the trail all by myself including the first 1.96 km of the Olympic Trail to get to the Mui Wo Ferry Terminal. Started as early as 6:20 am, taking the Greens path at the Greenvale Village. If you are not from Discovery Bay (taking the bus from Tung Chung or Sunny Bay) alight at the bus stop before the Siena Avenue.
    Cross the street and walk at the back of the Greenburg Court. You can see a small golf cart parking area and a park. There’s path there going down the stairs which looked like a drainage area (or probably one, not sure about the difference ha ha!). Start your climb up the dirt path. Watch your steps for i find it sleepery but a rocky exciting way up.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085191256,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085191605,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085191189,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085189588,size=s]
    It’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun is still hiding. On the left, there’s other path going to the lookout point and the far middle you can see the Tiger head where i’m heading. Not windy today, not so hot and low visibility so i can’t really see the fantastic view better. [flickr-photo:id=8085189961,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085189737,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085189431,size=s]
    I found myself really getting excited with this kind of path rocky one’s and enjoying myself with music playing on my earphone(which give me company) while tracking leisurely on the side of the mountain to the top of the greens path which will take me to that boulder at the top.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085189431,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085187948,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085187470,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085186824,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085186795,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085185884,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085185198,size=s]
    Up ahead keep right and straight to that great rock at the top. [flickr-photo:id=8085185601,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085184280,size=s]
    Looking from the top, the Discovery Day down and the Disneyland area from afar with the not so bright king Sun up in the sky. Continuing up my way, a mountain biker passed ahead of me carrying his bike.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085184110,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085183578,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085183578,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085183977,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085183172,size=s]
    Then up ahead the viewing point. Here a good view of the islands south-east and the north-west view where you can also see the airport.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085219085,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085218811,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085217524,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085217254,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085218416,size=s]
    Since i started from Discovery Bay, i’m tracking back my way down to Mui Wo covering the Lo Fu Tau Trail. I love the view here as if i’m on to never ending hills ahead just like Chocolate Hills in the Philippines (which too bad,i’ve never been able to visit since i sprouted to earth ha ha!)I passed a group of camper along the way and the mountain biker speeding his way ahead.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085217533,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085217699,size=s][flickr-photo:id=8085216939,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085215644,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085214050,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085213585,size=s]
    It’s cool they cut the grass here and someone piled rocks to where you can find the shortcut path back to Discovery Bay going out right at the corner of the Discovery Bay Reservoir. (Just turn left right in front of the pile of rocks)
    [flickr-photo:id=8085212440,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085216015,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085215611,size=s]
    Cool,i wonder how these boulders end up here.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085214430,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085226935,size=s]
    Here you can see Mui Wo but along my way down i suddenly asked myself if i’m going on the right path but need not worries just follow the path and you won’t get lost. You will pass through the golf course down on your left just keep going and you’r close to the beginning of the trail.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085225682,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085225498,size=s][flickr-photo:id=8085226379,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085225166,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085224806,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085231949,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085231479,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085230092,size=s]
    Here you’r in the Olympic Trail, follow the signs pointing to Mui Wo, it’s all concrete covered path passing the trees, down the Silvermine Cave, the Silvermine falls and the houses and through the beach.
    [flickr-photo:id=8085229732,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085230757,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085230259,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085230015,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085244208,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085244773,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085242538,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085241492,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085239822,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085238494,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085239789,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085238116,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=8085237232,size=s]
    It’s worth a day of walk all by myself, though my friends worries about me going alone i get to enjoy it but of course it’s fun with friends around.

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