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      Dear Explore Wild Hong Kong Team,

      your making of film documentation is very amazing!
      I was last time for a short trip in HKG and saw many of this highlights what you have filmed.
      This pictures remember me of this wonderful time.
      When can I see your film???!!

      Warm regards

      Phatcharin :woohoo:


        Because you are our first ‘Groupie fan’ you will get a special signed copy from the Explore Team! Trust us it will be worth $$ something in the near future.
        But we are glad that some of the places you visited are on the DVD…Did you ever get to go out on Mojo?!


          Hi Charlie,

          I was only one time on Mojo! That´s in any case to short!!! Hoping I can see Mojo and you as soon as possible ;)
          I had heard about your underwater film. Where can I get this film?

          Best wishes from Germany!

          Your Phatch

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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