Footwear sole type for trails inc wet rocks

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    Reply I’ve just sent to birding email group, re footwear: a guy posted asking for info on footwear soles suitable for wet rock, as he’d heard Vibram soles can slip as if on ice:

    Vibram can be real slippery on wet hard rock: I’ve taken dislike to it here in Hong Kong.

    I find softer rubber far better; wears out faster, but at least doesn’t seem you’re ice skating on even damp rock.

    Had Teva sandals with spider rubber recommended, by friend who runs up hills, inc via bouldery stream beds; great if warm/hot weather; found that still somewhat slippy on wet rock, but good. (Way beat some reeboks I once had, that were slippery even on wet downhill concrete path; I tried their website, asking if it ever rains on Planet Reebok, but no reply.)

    Columbia Omni-Grip grip working pretty well for me, too, for hiking type trainers.

    – Oh yes: one way I’ve taken to trying to test soles when in stores is to put trainers on, then – with one foot – try twisting ball of foot on shiny shop floor. Gives some idea re grip on smooth surface.

    And even some cheap footwear has proven to have far better grip than Vibram on hard surfaces (esp hard, wet rock); albeit cheaper gear wears out faster.

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