Fork Tailed Sunbird

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    One of the best places in Hong Kong to watch the Fork Tailed Sunbird is in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. The bird feeds on different plants. To get the view of the bird I find there is only one tree where you are in almost the same level as the bird. The Coral tree is on your left side of the entrance to the education Centre. You will only find the birds when the tree is blooming (February [into March]). You need a lot of light if you want to make photos of the bird therefor choose a sunny day. 


    Hi Steen:

    Yes, I know the tree; photographed orange-bellied leafbird there some years ago, tho best flowers for these seem to be in coral tree outside the toilet block (!) – too high for photos.

    Used to be a nearby tree w mistletoe at great height for shots of scarlet-backed flowerpecker, but seems AFCD removed this to make a parking space.

    Lovely shot!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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