Global shark kills 3 to 4 times previous estimates

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    News item in SCM Post today, on recently published paper covering study on shark fin trade in Hong Kong, suggesting three to four times as many sharks killed worldwide as previously estimated.
    SCMP quotes Federation of Restaurants and Related Trade president Ng Tak-leung as saying,
    “With the recent economic boom, the [mainland] demand is huge. However, I do not think eating shark is cruel. It is no different from eating pigs and cows.”
    – which shows woeful, surely wilful, ignorance of why this is an issue. (no different? Sharks aren’t farmed; are declining worldwide; only tiny part of them used, with countless sharks tossed back to water after fins hacked off, to die horrible deaths…)

    There’s an abstract of the paper, along with link to download of full paper, at:
    Global estimates of shark catches using trade records from commercial markets
    (ah, turns out I’d misread something; can’t just get the paper for free)

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