Gov’t to study demand for cycle tourism

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    The Government (with the Tourism Board and ‘the trade’) is apparently getting interested in ‘cycle tourism’, which seems to mean .. cycling tours organised by the Tourism Board and ‘the trade’.  (See today’s Gov’t press release.)

    From this month, there will be a pilot scheme of cycle tours around "the Deep Bay and Mai Po areas", possibly limited to overseas visitors.

    Once again, the government takes a restricted view of cycling as recreation rather than a normal form of transport for Hong Kong people, but once again it could and should be a good thing.  Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, and others, are looking at how we can make sure this plan is for the good.

    But what do you birding types think of having bikes running around Mai Po?  I guess it all depends how it is implemented.



    Seems to me a weird test of the market – Deep Bay is far off, and cycling thro flat wetland areas surely not ideal for people who really like cycling.

    I’d hope that this is in conjunction with WWF, which manages Mai Po; could readily cycle about in Deep Bay area near but outside Mai Po, and not cause significant disturbance.

    Indeed, I’ve long believed there should be tourism like this, inc locals, to Deep Bay area – providing, that is, benefits outweigh harm. Benefits being in form of visitors bringing some revenue, and enthusiasm, that in turn help with protecting the area, maintaining habitats for birds and other wildlife.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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