Guangdong seas awash with sewage

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    Just done a little googling, following article in the unlinkable SCM Post – “Guangdong’s dirty seas put HK at risk” – and found item in China Daily online that includes:

    GUANGZHOU: Pollution is still at serious levels in the coastal waters off South China’s Guangdong Province, according to experts.

    Local authorities have taken a range of measures in recent years to tackle water pollution.

    But Zhong Jianqiang, a researcher with the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, said the current attempts did not seem to be working.

    Citing a recent report on the province’s oceanic environment quality, he said there were still serious levels of pollution in coastal waters.

    Related waters inshore, as well as the mouth of the Pearl River, have also been found to be contaminated with cadmium, arsenic and copper.

    The ecological system of the mouth of the Pearl River was also very unhealthy, Zhong said.

    He added that the drainage of land pollutants to the sea was among the key reasons for the poor sea quality and its poor ecological environment.

    Pollutants discharged to the sea via the Pearl River reached as much as 2 million tons last year.

    Peng Chengzhang, a 57-year old fisherman who lives in the small fishing village of Pazhou, said: “It has become increasingly difficult to catch fish in the waters nearby in the past few years, so it has become increasingly difficult for my family to make a living.

    “How I wish the day would come back again when there were good fishing seasons and we would just cast our net into the waters and rest assured of a good catch.

    “We have to go much further away now to fish pollution is to blame.”

    Coastal water pollution ‘still serious’

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