Help save Repulse Bay Beach Nov 08

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    From Designing Hong Kong:

    Scroll down for the Chinese version. 中文版本請往下移

    Repulse Bay Needs You! Repulse Bay Beach Belongs To You!

    Government is changing the Outline Zoning Plan for Repulse Bay and plans to sell the Seaview Building and the open space next to it for a hotel development.

    We will object to privatizing the Repulse Bay beach and so can you. Complete the online objection

    or download the form for mailing. The deadline is mid nite 26 November 2008. For more information visit our web site

    What We Have Now:

    • Scenic beachscape

    • Lush heritage trees

    • Landmark building

    • Unrestricted public open space

    What Government Plans To Do:

    • Replace landmark building with commercial development and hotel

    • Ruin beachscape by creating continuous wall effect

    • Privatise beachfront so area is off-limit to public

    • Increase traffic gridlock on Beach Road

    Resident’s Meeting:

    24 November 2008, 5:00pm – 7:30pm

    Spices Restaurant at the Repulse Bay

    109 Repulse Bay Road



    我們反對把淺水灣泳灘私有化, 相信你亦有同感。請於2008年11月26日午夜12時前, 於網上填妥遞交或郵寄下載有關表格, 提出你的意見。如需獲知更多資料, 請登入


    • 風景如畫的泳灘

    • 青葱茂密具歷史價值的樹林

    • 地標性的建築物

    • 無阻擋的公共空間


    • 商業發展項目取代地標性的建築物

    • 屏風效應破壞泳灘的景觀

    • 海灘私有化令公眾遊人止步

    • 令海灘道的交通問題惡化


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