Higos and Hong Kong

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    Look s like Higos – a budding tropical storm over the Philippines – is set to move over South China Sea, then strengthen somewhat, and move towards S China coast – Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecasting it could hit Pearl River Delta/Hong Kong, albeit after just reaching typhoon status, and already starting to lose some power (so a tropical storm by time it gets to this area, around 6 October).


    Higos has now moved clear of the Philippines, and currently ranked only as tropical depression, but forecast to intensify – to typhoon status (albeit not powerful tyhoon); also forecast to head roughly northwest, then curve north and northeast before landfall.

    Current forecast tracks – seen via http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/ – route Higos very close to Hong Kong, with direct hit possible. Pretty good agreement between forecasts.
    But – bummer for lovers of weekends and fans of Number Eight leading to day off work – HK Observatory reckons it will be closest on Sat and Sun, maybe nearest during Saturday (4 October) night.



      Hope this one doesn’t cause any damage. Will it be the last?


      Hard to tell re whether it will be the last; usually can expect some tropical cyclones over South China Sea in late autumn, but more often headed for Vietnam. This year might prove unusual; seen something re prediction of several late storms for the region.

      Seems Higos is not gaining much strength, so even if hits us right on, should be "only" a tropical storm or severe tropical storm.



      Now seems Higos, which is hideously structured tho not powerful, is now bound for Hainan; might continue on across Hainan to China coast, or may curve sharply towards northeast, still pass close to us, bringing rain and some wind.


      Having passed up the east coast of Hainan, Higos (well, remnants really, as maybe not really classed as tropical storm or potential tropical storm now) has followed a forecast track from HK Observatory, and is heading our way.

      Radar showing distinct swirls of heavy rain around a centre; so akin to a tropial storm. Quite windy today, and there has already been heavy rain – with amber rainstorm warning hosted this morning. Now, looks like it will become a good deal windier, with more rainstorms.


      In the event, Higos didn’t hit Hong Kong, but turned more northwards, and moved across Guangzhou area.

      Still, late this aft brought intense rain, and wind – reaching gale force at Cheung Chau. Here’s a shot from southern Cheung Chau, a little before 6pm (so dark as clouds very thick, and intense rain reducing visibility).


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