Hiking with dogs?

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      Hi, hoping for some suggestions. I’d like to do some hiking with my two dogs. Here is what I’m looking for:

      1 – Easy to moderate difficulty
      2 – A place that I can drive to and park my car
      3 – Dogs can be off-leash
      4 – Optionally, some place for the dogs to do some swimming

      Thanks in advance for any help!



      Several possibilities I think. Tho I dunno about leashes; don’t have dog.

      Just a few ideas:

      Dragon’s Back – where can also walk a contour path along west slopes (easier than the ridge). Can park near the trail start above To Tei Wan. Shek O area or Deep Water Bay afterwards?

      Peak area – circuit, Victoria Peak Garden; High West to add a bit of exercise. Down Pokfulam Road to Pokfulam (but, need to return to car!)

      Clear Water Bay area perhaps, inc High Junk Peak Country Trail (much of which pretty easy – doesn’t climb peak itself).

      On weekdays, maybe roads up to ridge near Kowloon Peak; tho I’m not so sure re parking up there.

      Pak Tam Chung, nr Sai Kung; again weekdays (as less people out) – the nature trail, to Sheung Yiu, and maybe along the family or country trail.

      Catchwater along north slopes of Lion Rock.

      Shing Mun Reservoir – Pineapple Dam Nature Trail, and maybe more walking on after that, looping back to Pineapple Dam.

      Hope this helps. Maybe others will have more ideas.

      Let us know if you find any great routes!



        Try Shek Mun Kap (Lantau) to Big Buddha, then back again.
        Or Shek Mun Kap to Sham Wat.
        The restricted access to the Tung Chung Road starts further along from Shek Mun Kap so you can drive there.
        Or put the dogs in a slow ferry (dogs can’t go in the fast ones) to Mui Wo then do The Chi Ma Wan peninsula. Finish up at the China Bear for a cold beer or go to the China Beach Club or La Pizzaria (both dog friendly) for a meal.

        If Dogs are more than 20kg then they “should” be on a leash otherwise it’s not required.



        Yes please. Would love some hikes moderately easy with shade and/or water especially Sai Kung area. Have done Maclehose to Tai Long Wan and then to pagoda at Sai Kung Sai Wan but then couldn’t get on minibus with dogs and no signal to call taxi!!! Very difficult end to very long hike. Any suggestions for something similar but with way out or not so long?? Maybe hike in and boat out or vice versa?? All ideas gratefully received as we love to hike with our dogs and it is such a great area to go but in the hot weather it is too much for the dogs unless there is water around and we get get back out to our car.

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