Hoi Ha n Pak Sha O beauty and threats

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    New Film on Beauty of and Threats to Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O

    Actress and Conservationist Sharon Kwok visits these gems of the Sai Kung Peninsula, finding nature and heritage threatened by development

    Hong Kong, 18 February 2014 — With the Hong Kong countryside facing a wave of developments, a new 9-minute film highlights the wonders of and threats to two “hot spots": Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O on the Sai Kung Peninsula. Sharon Kwok, founder of AquaMeridian Conservation and Education Foundation, visits the areas to learn of the issues first-hand.


    The film shows Kwok finding wildlife and plants and admiring the scenery at Hoi Ha, where Dave Newbery, Friends of Hoi Ha, tells her that 60 three-storey houses might be built on forested slopes beside the main stream entering Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. “We've already done so much to damage Hong Kong’s oceans – it’s really got to be left alone,” she notes. “Hoi Ha's precious Marine Park boasts astounding coral diversity and is one of Hong Kong's most beautiful coral areas. How can we allow this to be taken from our future generations?”

    The villages of Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O are faced with demands for development which will cause environmental, cultural and social disasters.  The draft Outline Zoning Plan for Hoi Ha will see the beautiful landscape surrounding the village destroyed by the building of nearly 100 houses, which will discharge poorly-treated sewage into Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.  Not only will the landscape be destroyed but, also, Hoi Ha Wan, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interests because of its coral and other marine life and a popular area for water-based activities for thousands of people because of its clean water, will be polluted to an extent which may see the coral and marine life destroyed and the beaches rendered unfit for human use.  This is not only an environmental disaster but, also, if tourists stop coming to Hoi Ha, the local business will fail.

    Meanwhile, Pak Sha O, which is a wonderful, intact Hakka village, is threatened with being destroyed and replaced by up to 200 new houses; this would be an act of cultural and environmental vandalism.

    The “requirement” for the developments at Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O will not help Hong Kong’s housing problems and is purely driven by the avarice of indigenous villagers who wish to exploit the out-dated Small House Policy and have no intention of ever living in the villages.  The developments are being orchestrated by developers who have already bought up nearly all of the agricultural land surrounding the villages.

    Friends of Hoi Ha call upon the Government to zone the enclaves of Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O for conservation, not development, to restrict the V-zones in both villages to the present village footprints and to zone the remaining areas as Conservation Area or Coastal Protection Area.  Meanwhile, the houses at Pak Sha O need to be fully protected against the threat of demolition.

    Over 10,000 people have written to the Town Planning Board expressing their opposition to the Hoi Ha OZP; 13,000 have signed petitions opposing the proposed developments.  The Government needs to listen to the voice of the people of Hong Kong and stop pandering to the unrealistic and unreasonable demand of absentee indigenous Villagers and property developers.

    Kwok makes her first visit to Pak Sha O, and is greatly impressed by the Hakka architecture and the artwork on the buildings. A former wetland has already been replaced by farmland, probably as a prelude to development and there are plans for demolishing old buildings and replacing them with new three-storey houses. “People need to know about Pak Sha O,” says Kwok.

    The film is intended to be one way Hong Kong people can learn of Hoi Ha and Pak Sha O, and join calls to protect them. It’s one of a series of short films being made by conservationist Dr Martin Williams, founder of www.hkoutdoors.com, who is a member of the Save Our Country Parks Alliance. “There are way too many threats to rural areas right now,” says Williams. “It seems the government has lost enthusiasm for conservation – yet Hongkongers care more than ever before about the countryside.”

    One way people can show support for safeguarding Hoi Ha is through the SupportHK petition site. “This is Hong Kong’s first environmental petition platform,” says SupportHK manager Kelly Chan. “The Hoi Ha petition is to support protection of this area of outstanding natural beauty and high ecological value by zoning for conservation and not for development.”

    The Hoi Ha zoning plans will soon be finalized by the Town Planning Board. Though provisional plans called for great expansion of the area allowing village development – which would enable far more housing than actually needed by the few indigenous residents, thousands of people have already called on the board to instead create zoning that favours conservation.


    新片發佈 海下和白沙澳之美態及威脅



    香港,2014年2月18日 – 香港的郊野公園現正面臨發展的威脅,為宣揚保育海下及呼籲公眾反對城規會海下分區計劃大綱草圖,海下之友聯同其他環保團體及保育人士舉行記者招待會,向公眾人士展示海峰環保教育基金創辦人暨執行總監郭秀雲到訪西貢,直接瞭解問題所在的影片。

    在影片中,郭秀雲認識到海下的生態環境及欣賞海下的美景。海下之友創辦人David Newbery表示,海下灣海岸公園的山林及河流旁邊將興建60間三層高的房屋。郭秀雲指:「我們已經破壞了不少香港的海洋,這裡真的很需要受到保護。海下寶貴的海岸公園擁有品種豐富得令人驚訝的珊瑚,這裡是香港最美麗的珊瑚棲息地。我們怎能剝奪後代欣賞美景的機會?」


    與此同時,白沙澳 – 一個風景漂亮及完整的客家村落 – 亦正受到威脅,隨時被開發及被近200間房屋取代。而這會是對文化及環境的蓄意破壞。





    影片是其中一個途徑讓香港人了解海下和白沙澳,也是保育人士衛林士(Dr. Martin Williams)博士所拍攝的一系列影片中的其中一部。衛博士是http://www.hkoutdoors.com網站的創辦人,是保衛郊野公園聯盟的成員之一。衛博士指出:「現在都市人對鄉村地帶的威脅太大了」,他續道:「看起來政府對保育失去了興趣,但香港人卻比以往更加關心郊野地區。」

    市民可透過撐香港網站表達對保護海下的支持。撐香港經理陳寶瓊(Kelly Chan)指出:「海下之友的聯署目的是要保育這片卓越的自然美景和具有極高生態價值的地方。我們需要把海下劃做保育分區而非發展分區。」









    (綜合報道)(星島日報報道)海峰環保教育基金創辦人郭秀雲(Sharon)聯同海下之友創辦人Nicola Newbery、Martin Williams博士及撐香港經理陳牀琼昨日出序宣揚保護海下及呼籲公眾反對城規會海下分區計畫大綱草圖記招。

      郭秀雲表示10多年前曾到訪該處進行珊瑚礁普查,未有深入了解及投入海洋保育行動,至近月與相關人士結伴再訪海下才得着甚多,並希望藉此喚起大 眾市民的關注:「不明何解我由沙灘行出去約50步路就是海,但地圖卻不承認那裏是海,他們(政府)想在那裏建60間屋,不算多亦不算少,卻剛好可破壞整個 海洋生態,結果只有建築商得益,香港人沒有甚麼得益,如能讓更多市民關注,那政府就不會不理吧!我的下一步就是嘗試帶點國際性的迴響予海下灣,如能將它列 為歷史文物就更易於保護該區。」

      文、圖:Jazz Chow



    [sorry, chinese characters in URL appearing like this after I paste…]

    Google translate:

    "Hoi Ha Wan Guo Xiuyun conservation concern

    Sing Tao Daily, Sing Tao Daily – 2 hours 44 minutes ago

    (Roundup ) ( Sing Tao Daily reported ) Haifeng Environmental Education Foundation founder Guo Xiuyun (Sharon) in conjunction with the Friends of the founders under the sea Nicola Newbery, Dr. Martin Williams and support Hong Kong manager Chen bed Joan yesterday the sequence aired down and urged the public to oppose the city to protect the sea Outline Zoning plan draft regulation would mind trick under the sea .

    Guo Xiuyun said that 10 years ago, visited the department conducted Reef Check , no in-depth understanding of and commitment to marine conservation actions in recent months to revisit together with related parties under the sea was too much, and hope to arouse the concern of the general public : " unknown why not me by the beach for about 50 paces away is the sea , but the map does not recognize there is the sea, they ( the government ) want to be there to build 60 Kan Uk , not many are not too small, but just could destroy the entire marine ecosystem the result is only builders benefit Hong Kong people no benefit , such as to allow more public concern , and that the government would not ignore it ! My next step is to try a little international reverberations Hoi Ha Wan , such as it can be classified as historical artifacts makes it easier to protect the area . "

    Man , Figure : Jazz Chow

    ■ promote the protection of Hoi Ha Wan Guo Xiuyun for protection of our environment "










    保育人士Martin Williams亦夥拍藝人郭秀雲拍攝短片,展示海下和白沙澳的美景,強調「如果我們要失去海下,至少要知道失去甚麼」。

    海下之友創辦人Nicola Newbery表示,至今有逾萬人去信城規會反對分區計劃大綱,亦有逾1.3萬人聯署要求停止在海下興建村屋。


    Built a small house next batch of sea coral reefs , such as murder

    ■ Senior Underwater Photographer Wan Zhiquan refers sea coral reefs experienced 20 years before recovering , fearing small house sewage damage to marine ecology.

    Under WASHINGTON easy to restore the marine ecological damage is difficult , diving paradise reputation of Sai Kung Hoi , who have been affected sewage nineties , veteran underwater photographer wanzhi rights represent the year of coral reefs like " Lali head " as fragmented, experienced 20 years of rehabilitation and finally back to life.

    Last year he shot under the sea endless number of fish and coral reefs , made ​​the movie to remind the public to conserve marine ecology, but the Board intends to build hundreds of small houses with the approval of the sea , he bluntly enough to make the discharge of sewage in coastal coral month the dead .

    Dead within a month

    Wan Chi rights since the early nineties for diving and underwater photography, he refers to the Tolo Harbour sewerage and reclamation under the influence of the early years of the sea , poor water quality , visibility is only two meters when diving , coral reefs and coral reef fish species have only ten variety . But the local government after experiencing the northward shift and improve sewage facilities , the gradual recovery of coral reefs under the sea , far over as big as a football field , " the shallow water 0.5 meters to 3 meters deep , all Department of coral , a Di Wu afternoon sun ! "

    He refers to the experience of coral reefs under the sea 20 years before coming back to life , if the Board approved the construction of a large number of small houses , construction of mud discharged , septic tank effluent , will settle in coral reefs , within a month enough to cause coral death.

    Conservationists Martin Williams also partnered with artist Guo Xiuyun shooting a movie , show under the sea and the beauty of Pak Sha O , emphasized that " if we want to lose under the sea , at least you know what to lose ."

    Friends of the founders under the sea Nicola Newbery said that so far there are more than ten thousand people to believe TPB oppose Outline Zoning Plan , there are more than 1.3 million signatories to stop the construction of houses under the sea .

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