Hong Kong Marine Life Carnival 2009

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    Hong Kong Marine Life Carnival 2009 香港海洋生態嘉年華 2009

    Hong Kong harbours an astonishingly high marine biodiversity. We have about one tenth of some 800 stony coral species in the world, and we have over 300 recorded reef fish species inhabiting our coral and rocky reefs. The on-going reef fish survey conducted by Eco-education & Resources Centre (ERC) has recorded nearly 200 species within Port Shelter alone. Despite this, our demand for seafood has affected local marine fishery resources.

    In order to increase public understanding on reef fish diversity in Hong Kong and raise public awareness to sustainable use of marine resources, the Eco-education & Resources Centre is organizing the Hong Kong Marine Life Carnival 2009. The event includes guided exhibition board tour, guided snorkeling, booth games organized by various institutes and conservation groups, beach cleaning, origami day and mini concert. We wish to provide participants with a relaxing and interactive way to learn more about marine life and conservation in Hong Kong. Details of the event are as follows:

    Date: 27 – 28 Jun, 4 – 5 Jul, 11 – 12 Jul 18 – 19 Jul (Sat and Sun); Time: 1100 – 1800; Venue: Sai Kung Pier (near the public swimming pool)

    The opening ceremony will be held on 27th June 2009 from 1500 – 1630.

    We hope to see you in the carnival and share with us the story of our ocean.

    Tel: 26972029   Fax: 26972029   Website : http://www.erc.org.hk

    香港海洋生態嘉年華 2009



    展覽日期:27 – 28 / 6、4 – 5 / 7、11 – 12 / 7、18 – 19 / 7 / 2009

    時間:1100 – 1800


    開幕典禮將於27 / 6 / 2009,下午三時至四時三十分舉行




    With lots of rain today, plus distance from my home on Cheung Chau to Sai Kung, I wimped out on attending launch ceremony for the carnival. I lately posted following to Facebook, tho; unduly cynical for sure, but a ring of truth perhaps?

    I’ve come to wondering if Marine Death Carnival might not suit HK better. Could get shark fin traders, seahorse sellers, folk who deal in horseshoe crabs, abalone and the like, along with bottom trawlers, maybe even dynamite fishing experts from mainland China…. Plus various government planners, who could show off schemes like Bloody Big Bridge to Macau and so forth, along with motley crew of polluters – and, of course, legions of consumer who power the Great Die-offs (me among them, in some ways).


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