Hong Kong may be threatened by raccoon dog Neoguri

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    It’s not too often you can write that a place may be menaced by a raccoon dog!
    But with severe tropical storm Neoguri [Korean for raccoon dog] heading for S China coast, that’s the case just now – albeit looks like it will mainly impact Hainan, with HK affected by winds and heavy rain over the weekend.

    Later edit – Neoguri has been upgraded to typhoon, category 1, at least by Joint Typhoon Warning Center.


    Typhoon Neoguri forecast track now rather closer to Hong Kong – set to move north along east coast of Hainan, then curve towards northeast over land (losing power). Tho if starts curving before reaching land, would be much closer to us.
    Winds forecast to pick up from later today. Rain to come soon, too, with HK Obs forecasting especially heavin rain over weekend.

    Just seen on Weather Underground forum there’s potential for second earliest ever No 1 signal, and earliest ever Number 3.
    Here’s forecast track from HK Obs.


    This looks set to be a pesky raccoon dog!
    Typhoon Neoguri is now forecast to just about graze the east coast of Hainan, make landfall, and curve northeast – and, in the process, to bring us strong or even gale force winds, and a whole lot of rain, especially Sunday and Monday.

    It was calm, hot (for April) and humid this morning to early aft; but since then, winds have picked up from the east, and a few showers are around. Shot here from Cheung Chau, towards evening.

    [img width=380]https://www.hkoutdoors.com/images/fbfiles/images/neoguri_soon17apr08.JPG[/img]


    Windy this morning, with easterlies blowing – partly northeast monsoon, partly as Neoguri approaches.

    The raccoon dog is forecast to miss the east coast of Hainan; Joint Typhoon Warning Center has it set to land rather east of HK Obs forecast, closer to Hong Kong.
    Winds set to freshen; HK Obs radar shows showers, some heavy, over the sea – close to rainbands of Neoguri.
    So although dry so far, on Cheung Chau at least, we’re in for big change.
    Shot here from s Cheung Chau this morn. neoguri_nearing_18apr08.jpg


    Fri night, and the Number Three signal is now in effect: the earliest Number Three signal in history.
    Still no real effect from Neoguri: fresh winds, but barely any rain. Yet as the storm heads towards west Guangdong, HK observatory radar image shows rain, including intense rain, to our southwest. and edging closer.

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