I’ll introduce myself – waterfall pools explorers wanted

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    I’ve been meaning to post, note that I believe June is the main month for summer rains.
    No shortage of rain this week, so falls should be impressive.
    Visiting during/immediately after deluges can be rewarding, tho – I think – only for those falls with easy, safe access to vantage points, like the Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pool falls, and Silvermine Bay fall (lower one; there’s a better, higher fall I’m told, tho less easy to reach).

    Sad re demise of Hong Kong Waterfalls website; just googled for ‘”daniel chan” waterfalls’, but no results suggesting he’s started a new site, or put his info elsewhere.

    I’ve seen hkadventurer; various outings over tough for me, esp when I’m at times prone to carry camera gear inc tripod; Dragon Ball fall, on Wang Chung Stream, looks a good one – near Bride’s Pool, but a little to south. Revisiting the site, I see they’ve added “Easy Walks”.


    another post from Ben, from 9 June (went astray during a move to a new webhost):

    Great day out at Pak Tam Chung yesterday thanks to the great weather (sunny, breezy and not a drop of rain in sight), the great falls (all the more dramatic because of the recent torrential rains) and Simon’s great skills as a guide.

    Trekked through the streams, swam in the pools, dangled down ravines and got eaten alive by mosquitoes in the sluggish part of the river…

    Great day out though – thanks Simon!

    – as I write this, loads of rain falling; waterfalls should be full to bursting


    A couple of weekends ago, went on family outing (inc pushchair) to Mui Wo, Lantau, mainly to see the Silver Mine Falls after all the rain.

    This is one of the one of the most easily reached of our top waterfalls; good views even from a small pavilion at the bottom. There’s an even more impressive fall higher up, tho harder to get to, with barely a path (I’m told; seen it from afar, yet to go there).

    silver mine fall 


      hi martin
      the waterfall sounds great
      could you give me more specific directions -i have tried looking up for maps without much luck
      couple of us are planning to go to tai this weeke

      and we would love to visit your water spot


      [email protected]
      [email protected]


      If you mean on Lantau, ("tai" ??), short article here should help:




        Hey all i’ve been in h.k for 1 yr now i come from Cairns Australia and I was always gettin out to good spots for jumping swimming and D.I.Y white water rafting.
        I have been to the good jumping spot at sai kung near saiwan beach and also just recently i have checked out brides pool falls spent most my time there at the top of the big waterfall there where i found a testing place to jump from about a 6-7m drop you have to jump out and over a rock and land in a confined area that is very deep 4m+ i never found out. But anyway what i really want to find is places where we can jump in h.k 10m+ Are there any, as long as the water is min 2m deep i’d give it a go.


          I am fairly new to hong kong and would love to go stream hiking. It is summer time once again, are you still available for the occasional explore?

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