Islands District a tourism treasure-house

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    Maybe there’s hope that Lantau won’t be ruined by development after all.
    – or, maybe HK Govt believing that can protect something at same time as despoiling it.
    But, HK Chief Executive just visited Cheung Chau and Tai O (Lantau), and:

    The Islands District, Hong Kong’s tourism treasure-house, will be preserved so that local and overseas visitors will be able to explore the areas’ valuable monuments and experience the city’s traditional customs, Chief Executive Donald Tsang says.

    Islands a tourism treasure-house: CE


      I noticed that on the TV. Wonder how many random folks Donald stopped in and visited with or if all of the visits were heavily coreographed by the folks in the Home Affairs Dept?

      If it’s the latter, I’m guessing it would be folks happy to see development of a container port outside Tai O in the name of stimulating the local property market.


      Well, I know the Japanese couple who own the teahouse where he stopped off on Cheung Chau – met Mrs Yoshino that aft, and she told us of his visit, proudly showing off his namecard; don’t think they’d be fans of container scheme.
      Maybe more the govt happy to send out mixed messages, without really figuring that building massive infrastructure off north Lantau could massively damage a large area of Islands District. Just as supposed to be planning “sustainable development” for Lantau, without really seeming to think how this can be true when aim is to drive development on west side of Pearl River, and boost truck traffic to HK etc.


        I’m sure Donald was wanting to do the PR spin out to the Islands to show that he cares about the people here, even while he may be plotting to destroy their very way of life, if not for Cheung Chau, then quite probably for the folks of Tai O.


        What? plot to destroy a tourism treasure-house

        We’ll see; at least this visit and DT’s statements could be of some use for folk trying to protect the way of life in Tai O and elsewhere.

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