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    Do any of you know of a place, preferably on HK Island, where it is possible to learn ocean-kayaking? I bought a second-hand kayak, and want to nip bad habits in the bud!



      Dear Carl,
      On the island the guy’s at the VRC in Deep Water Bay are friendly and sure to assist. But if you would like a trip in the the clear waters and sea arch of Sai Kung contact Paul at 93005197




        If you get the chance to learn with Paul Ethrington then go for it. I have just completed a 2 day adventure race in Taiwan which required paddling in sit on top kayaks. Battled against 5-8 ft swells, Force 6 winds and tricky launch conditions all without capsizing.


        Hi, I am looking to buy a second hand sea kayak. Any ideas where to look and roughly how much it should cost? Cheers!!

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