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    I’m set to attend a LegCo panel, on the government’s Concept Plan for Lantau, on 22 November (as director of Hong Kong Outdoors). done a few articles about the plan; also a Sustainable Development Plan for Lantau.

    Emailed hkoutdoors members asking for comments, and so far received this, from Stefan of Mobile Adventures:

    I support your efforts to preserve Lantau’s environment. My suggestion would be to perhaps ask the parties to balance HK’s future (perhaps thinking 50 years ahead) infrastructure and transport needs with some thoughts about Hong Kong’s "unique selling propositions" as a destination seeking to attract business leaders from greater China to be residents and tourists from all over world. Hong Kong has the opportunity to be an incredibly unique destination – the major world city it already is today, with an easily accessible natural environment that has been preserved as a matter of policy. Hong Kong’s green spaces are what makes much of Hong Kong valuable today, not just due to supply/demand issues created by the government’s land policy, but also because more and more people in Hong Kong regard the green spaces as a unique and vital part of their lives in HK. hope these thoughts can be of some help! thanks, Stefan

    I’d almost forgotten – earlier had comments to a petition on this site, for people believing we should Keep Lantau Beautiful. I since upgraded the website software, and had problems with the petition software, so removed it. But, just found all comments and signatories’ names are intact, and saved them as a file; in case of interest, attaching this here. Comments included:

    [Lantau is] the last part of HK free from nuisances and a beautiful natural heritage to be passed on to the next generation – as well as a peaceful sancturay away from the city – something truly unique in the Pearl River Delta, to make HK proud.

    Christian Masset

    How can people be so crazy as to want to destroy the natural beauty of Lantau Island? Hong Kong is already so developed! Places like Lantau should be preserved as treasures for the future.

    Maire McDermid

    The plans stink and should be fought against every step of the way.

    Donald Latter

    The Government is not doing anything to preserve the green environment for our future generation. The Governement is only thinking the present, very short sighted, very disappointing!

    Teresa Chan

    Forget such unnessary projects! Preserve, promote and educate! Don’t destroy!

    Teresa Siu

    Please hear our voices or at least do something right for a change!

    J. Yang


    the file with comments (some hassle trying to upload before)

    remember, your comments very welcome too!


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