Lantau concrete and conservation plans in 2017 policy address

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    Lantau mentioned in today’s policy address, by Chief Executive [soon to step down] CY Leung:

    Policy Address

    Development of Lantau

    101. The blueprint for Lantau’s development and conservation will be published in the first half of this year. The direction will be “development for the north, conservation for the south”. North Lantau will be for economic and housing developments, including the Airport North Commercial District, Tung Chung New Town, the topside of the boundary crossing of the HZMB and Siu Ho Wan. Northeast Lantau will be developed into an area for leisure, entertainment and tourism through reclamation in Sunny Bay, complemented by Hong Kong Disneyland. Most of the remaining areas in Lantau will be used for conservation, leisure, cultural and eco-tourism purposes.

    102. The AA’s SKYCITY development project occupies over 25 hectares, and will become a dedicated area for hotel, retail, dining and entertainment.

    103. The boundary crossing facilities island of the HZMB can provide a floor area of 500 000 square metres for economic uses. The community will be consulted on this in the first half of this year.

    116. To underpin the sustainable development and conservation of Lantau, the Government will implement rural conservation pilot projects in areas such as Tai O, Shui Hau and Pui O. Different government and community resources will be deployed to take forward various rural conservation initiatives, including nature conservation and education, revitalisation of old village buildings, as well as promotion of ecological and cultural tourism.

    [yet the three sites not shown on a map of conservation sites]

    Mad Metropolis not mentioned, but shown on a map indicating reclamations.


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