Lantau Concreting Committee

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      This thread discusses the Content article: Lantau Concreting Committee

      Thanks for voicing out for the concern of the natural Lantau Island. Please support the protection for the wet land, natural wild lifes and greenery of Lantau. Please help us to monitor all existing concret projects and any up-proposing concrete project on the island. Apart from the internet communication, we need to put our voice in more open public platform, and therefore I found LANTAUPOST. Please send us your copy of the comment or information you made about Lantau island. For any space avaliable, we will publish your article in print. Your voice will become part of the history, as LANTAUPOST has been one of the collecting media by the Central Liberary and the Hong Kong University Liberary.


        Are you familiar with the Lantau Post? Usually they print their articles in both English and Chinese. It might not have the readership of Oriental Daily or Apple Daily (yet), but it would be a helpful way of reaching the Chinese language community on Lantau.

        And Green Peng Chau carries the Lantau Post for distribution as well.


        Hi Loy and Tom:

        Haven’t seen the Lantau Post, but Loy has also asked if ok to interview me for it (which would be fine by me; gotta phone and say so).

        Fine by me to use some of my material; hmm… could be a way of getting a Chinese translation, too! (Tho when I last tried, had some problems trying to post a Chinese language piece to this site.)



          I’m a reporter for The Standard. I’d like to talk to you at some point, as well, Martin.


          Hi starcinary:

          I’ve replied to your email re interview on Sai Kung – Charles Frew likely best for this; maybe can also do some guff on Lantau before long.


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