Lights Out HK Air Pollution Protest 08.08.2006

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    email just in: Dear reader, >> >> *Lights Out Hong Kong* is a simple way to get a message about >> pollution across to those that should be listening. >> >> On the 8th of August at 8pm we want everyone in Hong Kong to turn out their lights for three minutes, in a silent protest about the quality of >> the air that we breathe. >> >> We can no longer claim ignorance about the effects of pollution or >> continue to turn a blind eye. We teach our students the importance of caring for the world they live in, but what example do we set? >> >> The message is clear. The idea is simple. This will work but word >> needs to spread. Here’s what you can do: >> >> – Forward this email to everyone you know in HK and spread the word >> >> – Print and display the posters

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