Luk Keng to Tai Mei Tuk via Pat Sin Leng

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    I had a strong feeling this was in Pathfinder, but when I looked, there it wasn’t.

    Anway, even though it doesn’t fit into my anti-uphill preference, I did it last saturday. I had to keep sitting down as it is quite gruelling and i’m not in good condition..

    If it does appear in the next edition, a photograph of the commemoration plaque at the ‘Spring Breeze’ Pavilion should be in there too. I got to the Spring Breeze Pavilion at the end of the hike. It talks about the school teacher deaths in the 1996 Pat Sin Leng fire and their courage in saving the children’s lives. I think its one of the most moving things i’ve read and teaches us a lot about the responsibilities of hill walking.


    Pathfinder covers part of the route I think – the Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail, which now passes the pavilion. But went down to Bride’s Pool, covered that area; and the day I did this route for the article (SCMP first, later in book) I was very glad a taxi happened by as I reached Plover Cove Res.

    Not sure re whether there’ll be another edition: been some time since publisher has coughed up my royalties.

    Martin Williams

      Lest anyone finds this post: HK Pathfinder kind of updated, revamped, to become The 25 Best Day Walks in Hong Kong, from John Beaufoy Publishing. Some new info, walks; LOTS of photos.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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