Moon watching places for Mid-Autumn Festival

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    One of Hong Kong’s most enjoyable festivals is coming up – the Mid-Autumn Festival, on Friday 6 October. A time to take kids out, light lanterns (or turn on switches for bulbs in lanterns), maybe wave some glow sticks around. (But, as Green Power will tell you, don’t go making lots of waste; lanterns etc can be reused) – and, of course, a good excuse for drinking a cool beer or two, whether or no the moon is in view. This year, according to my calculations, the moon will rise at 4.51pm, and will be at its highest point six hours later. Several places are popular gathering spots. Those I know of include: Victoria Park (hmm, can’t be so great for sky views) The Peak Cheung Chau’s east beach – Tung Wan – also gets real busy at this time, and is the place I go (well, just a few minutes’ walk from my place). Good to see people out having fun, w lanterns, candles in patterns (tsk, tsk, they’d better not leave lots of wax). [photo here] Then, just beyond Windsurfing Centre, there’s the small bar at Kwun Yam Wan: a fine spot to drink some ale whilst checking the moon. Have you any recommendations?


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