Mui Wo facelift plans

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    Email from Loy Ho, of Lantau Post. (There was an article in SCM Post on the Mui Wo plans, today, but can’t link to it.) 梅窩大翻新 銀紫荊招客 ( 明報) 10月 21æ—¥ 星期六 05:10AM Mui Wo Facelife & Silver (紫荊 don’t know what it is called in English) Placa for visitor attraction Article origin: Ming Pao 【明報專訊】「大嶼山發展概念計劃」的翻新梅窩規劃建議下周將交 離島區議會(相關新聞 – 網站)討論,計劃包括修建碼頭一帶,加建海濱長廊及茶座, 又會翻新梅窩舊市,將市鎮廣場改為銀紫荊廣場,並放置一座大型銀 紫荊 雕塑,預計於2010年動工,有區議員希望政府能撥款3億元落實計劃,商戶則期望梅窩 變身後,能為生意帶來起色。 (Ming Pao featuring report) The Mui Wo Face lift’ plan of ‘Lantau Concept plan’ will be handed to Island District Council for discussion. The plan has included repairing seafront around ferry pier, install sea front foot walk and cafe, renovation Mui Wo market, and retouch Mui Wo plaza into Silver 紫荊 Plaza a big silver 紫荊 sculpture. The construction is estimated on 2010, district councilor hoping Government to grant 3billion to imply the plan, business runner hope the new look can bring new life to their business. 這份翻新梅窩概念建議由規劃署負責,屬「大嶼山發展概念計劃」一 部分,將於下周一交離島區議會商討,下月中再於梅窩諮詢公眾。 The face lift plan was designed by Planning department, a session of the ‘Lantau Concept Plan’. It will be forward to island district council for public consultation next week. 建露天茶座 保留「地標樹」 Build outdoor cafes and keep the ‘land mark tree’ 按照規劃建議,梅窩碼頭附近一帶將會大變身,包括修建海濱長廊及 海濱木板走廊,旅客可邊散步邊欣賞海景,並加設露天茶座,而現時梅窩碼頭附近的大 樹,亦會保留作「地標樹」,為碼頭一帶增添特色;沿�海旁往梅窩舊市方向,則加設 小型購物商店、文娛表演場地及熟食市場,吸引遊客消費。 According to the plan, seafront along the ferry pier will have a big change including seafront wood broadwalk, visitor can walk along the seafront to enjoy sea view. It will also install outdoor cafes. Trees along the pier area will remain the land mark of the sea front. From the seafront toward the old market area will install small shop and performing space and food stalls market for tourism. 至於梅窩舊市一帶亦建議翻新,但會盡量保留鄉鎮風貌,包括重鋪路 面、安裝特色街燈等;梅窩核心地帶的梅窩市鎮廣場,則會改建為銀紫荊廣場,豎立一 座約6米高的銀紫荊雕塑,作為梅窩的新地標;建議還包括連接區內單車徑,又考慮設 置遊艇會及水上活動中心,改建袁氏大宅作民俗博物館,及重開銀礦洞作遊覽用途。 There was also proposed to renovate Mui Wo old market area but will prior to remain rural style including to re-do pavement and install stylish street light. The core space of Mui Wo plaza will be turned into Silver 紫荊 plaza and will install a 6m high silver 紫荊 sculpture as the new landmark of Mui Wo. There also proposed to connect bicycle trail and consideration for boat club and water sport center, re-construct Yuen House into a rural museum and re-open silver mine cave as a new tourist point. 區議員盼撥款3億落實建議 Council wish 3billion grant to imply the proposal 離島區議員黃福根表示,梅窩市道日漸慘淡,以小食亭的租金為例, ç”±1997å¹´çš„1萬多元,跌至現時的4000多元,故一直希望政府能出手挽救梅窩,現在提 出「怡情小鎮」概念規劃,他表示歡迎,相信能為淡靜的梅窩,帶來一定經濟效益,期 望政府能撥3億元予梅窩發展有關建議。 Island district council Rainbow Wong said, situation of Mui Wo is getting worse day by day, taking the example of the rent rate of a snack kiosk, it dropped from 10,000 in 1997 to now 4000 per month. So we have been hoping the government to extend a hand to help. He welcome this concept plan proposal and believe it can help to bring economy to the quiet Mui Wo and wish government to grant 3billion to imply this development to Mui Wo. 天天度假屋負責人李先生,期望怡情小鎮計劃落實,為梅窩加添消閒 景點,吸引多些人流,「10個人來梅窩,有2個消費都不錯」,他認為縱然計劃可能要 2010年才動工,也值得期待。 Mr. Lee , holiday house agent will the development plan can be brought through and give visitor attraction and bring more visitor. "It there is 2 out of 10 visitor to Mui Wo who can stay to spend is good enough already.’ Even thought the plan might not be able to start until 2010, it is worth of waiting.


    Email I’ve sent govt department involved in plans for Mui Wo:

    I believe there is great potential for creating an excellent small wetland reserve, from the existing freshwater wetland at Mui Wo.

    Some landscaping work would be required, to create and improve pools.
    Short trails to simple hides (blinds) would allow visitors to see birds such as egrets (already common) and other wetland birds – ducks, shorebirds and other birds would be attracted by a well managed reserve here.
    Could be small charge for visitors.

    This would be an additional attraction for visitors to Lantau, and would become a good place for residents to enjoy.

    (Much else could be changed at Mui Wo, inc the grim, grey, soulless concrete area around the ferry pier – but various other folk inc within Living Islands Movement are coming up with plenty of ideas here I think.)

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