Mui Wo wetland could be asset

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    Email I've just send Rainbow Wong Fuk-kan, who represents Mui Wo on Islands District Board:

    Dear Rainbow Wong:

    I live on Cheung Chau, but have strong interest in wilder side of Lantau (and Hong Kong generally; I have written and photographed the wild side, including for website, which has several Lantau articles).

    Seen that you will lead a hike; but not sure I will make it.

    Good to see a nature/heritage trail from Mui Wo has opened.

    Prompted me to email, saying I believe the wetland(s) at Mui Wo could be an asset.

    Not treated as one: get local people draining, making scrapyards, housing etc. Government with very nasty looking flood works.

    Yet there is still a little wetland along River Silver; still some birds around, such as egrets (small white herons), and other herons.

    With some care, wetland could be improved; and could then become a visitor attraction I think – including for the many Hongkongers who love taking photos nowadays, and need wild subjects such as birds to photograph.

    Might be a little help in making Mui Wo more of a gateway to Lantau: seems wrong to me so many people travel to/from Tung Chung, when ferry ride to Mui Wo is far more pleasant I think.

    Add the beach, trails, waterfalls, and Mui Wo would have things to offer visitors.

    Pui O's old paddyfields, with their water buffalo, could also be good for visitors I think. Indeed, I did include in a booklet I wrote for Hong Kong Tourism Board (Discover Hong Kong Nature), though made no difference I believe!

    Plus, of course, there's a lovely beach here.

    Anyway, just my views; hope a few others might agree.

    Otherwise, sad to see deterioration of wetlands at Mui Wo (and Pui O, where too many people seem happy to make scrapyards, and dump rubble and soil, on once green areas).

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