Northern New Territories Tourism plans

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    The Tourism Commission (and HK Tourism Board) are planning to develop tourism in the Northeast New Territories: especially along Tolo Harbour, north Mirs Bay, and Tung Ping Chau.

    Plans include upgrade to various facilities like toilets, a few new structures (ideas include a possible small museum on Tung Ping Chau, built in style of a village house).

    You can download pdf files with info at this page:, where you can also find contact info if you want to send comment.

    I’ve emailed comments, to effect that plans seem largely decent, apparently without loads of unnecessary new buildings and so on. Also saying I’m very glad that notion of resort hotel on Tung Ping Chau has been shelved (what a hideous idea!); likewise, apparently, idea for a “world class” ecotourism centre at Lai Chi Wo (seemed to me a ridiculous suggestion; but Kings of Concrete might like as chance to make some more money from silly schemes).

    What do you think?


      I have raised the following objections with the Tourism Comm, Tourism Board, Civil Engineering Dept, AFCD and Marine Department:
      1. The Pier at Lai Chi Wo is totally inadequate for any ferry dis/embarking passengers since its tidal. Any pier construction or channel dredging in Double Haven (incredibly diverse mudflats, mangroves and seagrass beds) under the pretence of Green Tourism/Sustainable Development will be met with severe opposition and public protestation
      2. Speed restricted zones must be implemented to reduce the size of ferry wakes in this ‘still water environment’ Also routing and frequence of service needs to be examined.
      3. All parties need to carry out Risk Assessment for oil spill contingency in case of groundings/collisions. Double Haven may be severely threatened by such a spill of marine diesel. Marine Department needs to review MARSOP containment plan and take effective counter measures.

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