Oppose huge highway to Sai Kung March 09

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    from Friends of Sai Kung, re plans for greatly widening highway to Sai Kung:

    Dear Sai Kung-ers and interested parties:


    You have opposed the 4-lane Highway into Sai Kung in the past. This matter is not resolved yet. Highways Department is still planning to build a 4 lane Highway – at least part of the way.


    Sai Kung District Council (SKDC) is meeting with Highways Department on Tuesday 17th . The purpose of the meeting is ambiguous, but it is not impossible that SKDC will be asked to sign off a design and budget without further deliberation or consultation from us: the users and residents of the area.


    Help us again to put pressure on SKDC so that they take into account our concerns before they commit to anything. Please follow this link http://www.friendsofsaikung.org/skdc/skdc_form_e.html and sign the petition directed to Sai Kung District Council Members asking them to think about us and the future of Sai Kung and to represent our views. 


    If you want to help us further, we need people to attend the SKDC-Highways meeting on the 17th March at 12:30, 2nd floor, Sai Kung Government Office (by the post office in Sai Kung).


    Please forward this email to anyone who might also help.







    我們懇請 閣下及 貴團體拹助我們向西貢區議會施壓,讓他們在進行任何決定前,先充份咨詢和考慮我們的關注。現請立即登上以下網頁參與我們的網上聯署行動。http://www.friendsofsaikung.org/skdc/skdc_form_c.html

    我們亦鼓勵 閣下及貴團體列席於三月十七日中午十二時五十分至一時二十分在西貢政府合署二樓會議室所舉行的區議會會議(我們將於當日中午十二時半在會議室外集合),共同表達我們對西貢公路四線擴闊工作和西貢未來發展的關注。如對此行動有任何建議或查詢,歡迎電郵至[email protected]


    Hiram’s Highways committee

    Friends of Sai Kung


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