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      How often have you wanted to go into nature, but just have had no clue on how to get there? The frustrations of asking a non english speaking person for directions to a place & ending up in Teun Mun industrial area?

      Well here is my idea on how it can be fixed!

      This is just an idea for any computer / intrnet nature wizzos out there.

      We love nature in Hong Kong. The only thing that we find frustrating is HOW TO GET THERE! Wouldnt it be great if there was a website like this:

      ON FRONT PAGE: Select which activity you would like to do in Hong Kong!
      1: Hiking
      2: Paragliding
      3: Fishing etc

      You select the activity & that page then takes you to another one which gives you a few options on the selected category.

      You chose the one that looks great buy reff to pictures & writeups & the site then askes you where YOU will be starting from (Where do you live?)

      After selecting that the serch engine would look for ALL the best/ fastest/ cheapest & most convinient route to take. It will list for example.


      1 Take MTR train to central. Train departs every 6 mins starting at 05:00.
      2 Central MTR station on Star ferry side, walk over to buss terrminal number 5.(Map included & HIGHLIGHTED IN RED!) The bus is a green top & departs every 15 mins from 05:20 till 22:00. Take buss number 11. HKD 3.50 (Cash or octopus)
      3 Get off at stop number 5 which is called XXXX.
      4: From stop XXX there is no other way to get to Springs national park gate number 4 other than RED TAXI. The price is HKD23-00. They run 24 hours. Phone 2404 5XXX. “We suggest calling them for a taxi booking whilst you are on the green top bus number 11” HKD 5-99 will be added for this service.

      5: Arrive Springs national park gate number 4 after 21 min taxi ride.

      This is an example. The site could list your prefferances, for example say Ferry / train / bus or Taxi right the way through, or a combination thereof.

      Enough waffling on. This is just a thought & would make it so much easier to plan your day in Hong Kong. It would be espessialy great for people who do not know Honk Kong as well as the locals.


      Thanks for the ideas, Richard – and welcome to Hong Kong Outdoors.

      Happily, I’ve never quite aimed for nature but ended up in Tuen Mun industrial area; tho went to some non-pretty places trying to see the crocodile.

      Till someone produces a site along lines you suggest (inc how to reach “Springs national park gate”??), maybe you can try digging around this site for some info, and perhaps buy my book, Hong Kong Pathfinder, for info on hiking and walking in Hong Kong :laugh:

      And if you come across other info on travelling in HK that people could fine useful, maybe you could post it in the forums.


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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