outdoor with 15 month old toddler

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    pls recommend a good outdoor acitivity with 15 month old toddler. i will need to carry her in my ergo.

    or is there any bike rental where they have a seat for toddler at the front?

    any idea, pls let me know. thanks.


    I don’t know what an ergo is

    When my son was this age, sometimes took him hiking in backpack carrier; also on some routes where ok for push chairs. Quite a variety of routes, so didn’t feel limited – tho had to stop more often than I might have done normally!

    Don’t know re cycle carriers.


    thanks martin, did take her hiking to tai po 4- colour forest and took the 4 km route..

    and stroller  along lamma island. wonder if there is any other short route which is sort of (baby friendly).. because will be stopping many times..




    Hi Reei:

    That’s good; hope you enjoyed Tai Po Kau.

    I’ve done short piece on taking toddler on Cheung Chau:

    Walking in southern Cheung Chau with toddler and pushchair

    Circuit of the Peak, and visit to gardens on Mount Austin Road (article on this site) may be good.

    Walking around Mui Wo, inc to Silvermine Waterfall (info here too)

    Shing Mun Reservoir

    From Tin Shui Wai Station, there’s good village trail – Ping Shan Trail (also on this site)

    Shek O, HK Island, a good spot to visit

    Po Toi Island

    Peng Chau

    Tung Ping Chau – further afield, but mostly flat; tho ants can be a nuisance

    – these are ideas occurring to me just now.

    Good if you can report back!


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