Porpoises and dolphins

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    We were sailing our from Cheung Sha beach yesterday morning and passing Shek Kwu Chau we saw about 4 finless porpoise – but no closer than 50m from the boat. An hour later – about 9am we were between Cheung Chau and Lamma and saw a group of 6+ dolphins.  They appeared to be even grey colour, only saw dorsal fins and backs so not enough to identify what species but not pale or pink ones.   They appeared to be 2-3m long – some were within 10m of the yacht, two appeared to be substantially larger – 4-5m long and dorsal fin much -taller and orca-like.   I see there have been records of false killer whales in HK – perhaps these were some more ?

    The last time I remember seeing  non-pink dolphins in HK waters is more than 20 years ago, could there be a link betweeen the increase in cetaceans and the ban on trawling ?

    Some of the crew tried to take photos without success –  each appearance is so brief.


    Hi Hamish:

    Great report!

    Just passed to local cetacean expert Samuel Hung, as well as to HK Dolphinwatch, so hope for reply with some info including on whether you may have seen false killer whales.



    from Samuel Hung, Hong Kong Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society:

    From your description, they do sound like false killer whale if their

    dorsal fins are much taller, and they are dark…  They can be cryptic at

    times…  We have been out so often but have never seen anything other

    than finless porpoises and humpback dolphins!  So you guys are really


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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