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    Following the flurry of recent reports on – and public interest in – actual and planned damage to rural areas, the South China Morning Post has launched citizenmap ("For Hong Kong, By Hong Kong").

    Currently, this focuses on environmental issues such as land development, village houses (planned or being built, presumably!), and landfills.

    Visit the citizenmap home page, and you'll find a Google map with numbers in circles indicating reports on issues. You can click through these to find reports on the issues.

    Importantly, you can contribute by reporting on issues.

    Seems promising. One interesting thing I've noticed on quick look is that while the SCMP online is behind a paywall, here you can view the paper's articles on issues such as the attempts to build a fancy holiday place at Sai Wan, on the Sai Kung Peninsula (just text). Email to me from the Post's Social Media Editor, Yolanda Ma, says:

    Yes we are giving out the environmental stories for free. And we want to do even more – due to limited resources, we only put up stories since 2009, but we may crowdsource to have more old stories up as well, so that we can build a better database to serve the public.

    I wondered re SCMP's commitment to this: to what extent is this project only okay if it involves relatively small fry developers etc. Sent info on attempts to build couple of village houses on illegally cleared land at Shap Long, Lantau; also on the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge.

    Rather doubted the latter would be included. Yet my report on the bridge made it onto the map:

    So too on Shap Long:

    So even giant government project can be included; hope you'll contribute too.

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