Sai Kung Minibus from Wanchai

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      This thread discusses the Content article: Sai Kung Minibus from Wanchai Thank you for sharing this! Is this bus still runing? or the bus from CauseWay Bay has changed to go to Mong Kok?


        The minibus service is still running.
        From Causeway Bay it leaves every evening from 18.30 – until about 01.00. Price is $19. But be prepared to wait esp if traffic is heavy.


          Dear Sir/ Madam,

          I’d like to know where the minibus is going in Sai Kung. I mean the specific destination in Sai Kung. Where is the stop destination?
          I’m going to the Wan Tsai Camp site. It is convenient for me to take this minibus in going there?

          I hope to hear from you soon.

          Thanks and more power to all your staff of minibus transportation.


          For the Wan Tsai campsite (very different place to Wanchai !!), best minibus would be from Sai Kung to Hoi Ha.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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