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    Is it possible to get on to a trail up to the summit of Sharp Peak from the saddle of the hill between Chek Keng and Tai Long Wan?

    At that point, I couldn’t see a trail, except one that said it just led to a water installation.

    Pathfinder recommends taking a trail up from the beach itself.


    Hi Simon:

    Some years ago, I came down a very rough track from Sharp Peak, down to ridge and then along to the saddle between Chek Keng and Tai Long (dark by the time we were part way down; once at bottom of main slope, used keyring flashlight to find a sign warned of dangerous slope, which people shouldn’t go up!).

    I think this is still viable, though difficult, and warned against (not sure if there are any official trails to the top).



    The one you mentioned is the right direction.Just pass the the water installation and you will reach another saddle (Nam She Au). You can see the eroded path on the right leading to the summit. It is the common trail that the hikers follow (up and down), though it is quite eroded and slippery.


    Confirmed. Went last week. That trail to summit of Sharp Peak is still sound.

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