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    As this video by Doug Meigs of China Daily notes, few Hong Kong people can visit Shek Kwu Chau.

    But as you can see here, it's a superb little island; and crazy place for planning mega waste incinerator.

    Deserves protection, with marine park around island and to Sokos.


    See also article by Doug Meigs, in China Daily: Incinerating Paradise Includes:

    Shek Kwu Chau is an idyllic, almost pristine island on the southern edge of Hong Kong waters. Few people actually live there, though the island provides a quiet retreat for recovering substance abusers. But the tranquility of the place is soon to disappear

    What has drawn the scientist and superintendent together in common cause was the decision of the Town Planning Board, rezoning adjacent waters to allow construction of a massive grate incinerator. Hong Kong, hard pressed to find a solution to its massive waste problems, plans to burn 3,000 tons of waste here every day. A 150-meter-tall tower is planned to be built on an artificial island. The reclaimed land on which the tower will sit, will cover over the habitat of the finless porpoise, a species that the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List identifies as "vulnerable".

    While most criticism for the incinerator hinges on environmental concern. SARDA's position is different. The organization is more worried about its clients, the recovering addicts.

    "Drug abusers tend to be quite passive and don't think very highly of their own status. If you move an incinerator there, they might feel like it's because they're rubbish. I've heard that sentiment expressed," says May Cho, a SARDA assistant superintendent of social

    The EPD actually predicted the incinerator would become a tourist attraction, drawing about 300 visitors a day to the artificial island. Wu bristles at the prospects, "That's the last thing I want." After all, the island is restricted.

    Williams points at some small boats and construction workers. "That drilling platform is doing a seabed exploration ready for the incinerator island." The ocean opens before us. The Soko Islands appear small on the horizon.

    The EPD proposed a 300-acre marine reserve across the waters to mitigate the loss of porpoise habitat. He wonders if the artificial island construction and subsequent waste-laden barge traffic would have already ruined the area for the marine mammals.



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