stop Japanese dolphin stabbing and bashing

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    from Stephen Cheong:

    Dear Friends, On the 8th October 2005, an international day of protest has been organized against the killing of dolphins and small whales in Japanese waters. Please support the actions and send a letter of protest to the Consulate-General of your country. In Taiji and Futo, most of the dolphins are stabbed on the spot, before being loaded onto trucks, sometimes still conscious. PLEASE HELP!

    Japanese Consulate in HK email is: [email protected] Sample protest letter: Example protest letter (Note: please take a few minutes to try changes the words and to add in anything you feel to write about the dolphin slaughter, so that the letter is more personalized.

    Massive letters with the same text with different signatures may be treated as one letter only) Kitamura Takanori [or the Consulate-General of your country] Consul-General of Japan, Hong Kong 46th/47th Floor of One Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong Fax: (852) 2845-5360 Dear Mr. Kitamura, I am writing to express my sincere concerns about the continued hunting of dolphins and small whales in the waters of Japan, including their live capture for aquaria. Over 20,000 dolphins and small whales are cruelly killed every year in hunting operations in Japanese waters. The extreme cruelty of the drive fisheries, coupled with the intelligent and social nature of their prey, makes these operations all the more unacceptable. Further, given the fact that only a miniscule minority of citizens actually participates in the hunts and that dolphin meat is considered unhealthy and is not consumed by large segments of the population, I would consider that the benefits of ending the hunts, especially in terms of human health and positive attention your government would receive from the Japanese public and compassionate people around the world, would far outweigh any associated costs. Once again, I respectfully urge the Japanese government to take immediate action to avert the upcoming drive fisheries and to end the killing of the dolphins and small whales by working to ban the hunt altogether. Yours sincerely, (your name and signature here)

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