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    I've been asked if could feature this press release; maybe of some interest/use:

    Go N Live, Hong Kong’s trusted valet storage company, continues its mission of getting residents to enjoy life without the clutter, by extending its highly-praised storage and delivery service to lovers of various sports and the great outdoors. Traditionally, storing hefty and bulky gear outside the home could be quite a hassle, requiring rental of a unit, organisation of transportation and in a humid environment like Hong Kong, occasional checks for mould build up. Go N Live has taken away all of these steps to make the process so simple, the most work required, is the click of a button.

    Hong Kong is a territory that offers unlimited opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether its mountain biking, camping, golfing, kayaking or even the occasional surf, the city-states natural environment can be enjoyed through a number of activities. But with the average size of Hong Kong homes measuring 690 square feet (according to the HK Housing Authority), storing the needed gear for all these activities can be a challenge. Even worse, for residents without vehicles, getting the equipment to locations can be an even bigger task.

    Mr. Mark Sims, Founder & CEO of Go N Live mentioned: “When I started Go N Live, it was originally designed to help people manage and store minor but valuable goods that were becoming clutter in their homes, and could be stored away in a box. But what I quickly found was that there was a growing need from sporting enthusiasts for taking care of their various gear. For example, we’ve had families who enjoy mountain biking in Sai Kung take advantage of the service; they don’t have the space to store the bikes at home, so will contact us to deliver the bikes to a designated location, and when they’re done, we’ll meet them again, pick up the bikes and store it away. We’ve also had great interest from people who need to store skiing and snowboarding gear off-season.”

    Bulk gear isn’t the only type of sporting equipment Go N Live handles. The company’s signature boxes can easily provide storage for items like tennis, football and even hiking equipment. Mr. Sims adds: “With Go N Live, my goal is to make sure Hongkongers understand that they never have to compromise space for the activities they love.”

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