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      I am about to embark on some stream trekking and want to buy some reasonable shoes that would make the experience more enjoyable/safe.

      From a HK Discovery product review (vol 23 p64) I came across the Saloman Pro Amphib shoes that are ‘more of a trail shoe, but the mesh sides allow easy drainage and fast drying.’ Article says its an excellent all-round shoe if you’re only an occasional stream hiker. Seems to descrive me well enough. :)

      Have tried them on in local outdoor shop and they seem fine, although maybe a little too light?? Has anyone got any advice or experience on this?

      Thanks for any help.

      Hong Kong


        The most important aspect is the material of the sole as you will be bouncing from boulder to boulder – some covered in moss and or slippery stuff. Self draining shoes just keep the shoe lighter. Make sure the sole is rubberised (maybe Vibram) and not hardened plastic like some trail shoes.
        Might want to have a look at Teva’s spider sole material on their shoes, Timberland and I think Columbia make a pair. A wander around Mongkok will put you in touch with a whole range of shoes….


          Thanks Charlie,

          Will follow up your suggestions and wander around Mong Kok’s outdoor shops for a suitable pair.

          Best regards,


            510’S are the top of the market when it comes to stream trekking shoes. Vibram is not very good for this type of activity.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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