Stretch of Sai Kung coast set for development

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    From Sai Kung Association website, Explore Sai Kung:

    A recent application for development in Wong Keng Tei, the village between Tsam Chuk Wan and the barrier to Sai Kung East Country Park, could mark the beginning of the end of recreation in the waters of Port Shelter.

    A developer has purchased eight lots along the shoreline from both indigenous villagers and the government and has applied to the TPB for rezoning of the area from ¡§Coastal Protection Area¡¨ (CPA) to ¡§Village Type Development¡¨.

    This application runs against all the intentions of recent planning for the area.

    More info – with addresses for sending protests by 10 April – at:
    Coastal Destruction
    Setting a Precedent?

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