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      how long will a speedboat trip from wong shek pier to tai long wan take?
      also is it feasible to take a speedboat to long ke wan?


      Hi Andy:

      Welcome to HK Outdoors!
      As to question – I’d guess over 20 mins, Wong Shek to Tai Long Wan; and not much more to Long Ke Wan (which is just a little past it; time to here maybe similar to time from Sai Kung to Long Ke).
      Just emailed a couple of Sai Kung speedboat owners, asking them, so hope for expert answer shortly.


        The boat trip depends on the size of engine, and sea conditions. Normally to Tai long Wan 20-25 mins.
        To Long Kei better off going from Sai Kung as it is nearer. Again estimate 20-25 mins.
        Most boats charge around HK$100 per person based on 6/7 pax.


          Thanks for the information.
          It seems expensive considering that you can hire a boat for a whole for $800
          and now for a 25 mins trip (1 hour return) the charge is $600 (6 pax)?
          I need to travel by boat ‘cos friend of mine has an injured back and so cannot climb the steep steps to/from long ke but wants to visit.


            Might seem expensive but at this time of year with the strong NE winds blowing, any pick up by boat along Tai Long Wan etc is dangerous – big waves etc. Wait until April/May next year if considering visit.


              I camped at long ke last weekend and it was simply bliss.
              It wasnt too crowded and wasnt deserted either.
              Seems everyone there were pros and were quite prepared including a bottle of wine each!
              The water was cold but the sun was hot and the wind cool – perfect.


                I was also there last weekend and looked along the beach and amongst rocks for things to use to try out the fishing scene – but nothing!
                Seems strange that there wasnt a single shell or molusc – why? is the water condition not right?


                Due to the heavy surf etc most shells get smashed quite quickly. Better of looking in secluded bays if interested. If you wantto catch fish now is the time with the mackerel running – you need to head out to Ninepins, Po Toi etc where the current is running. Keep those lines tight.

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