Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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      is there a sharks net there? and is there a surfboard rental shop there?


      No shark net – it’s not a gazetted beach; more importantly, no lifeguard service either (probably no sharks around on any given day; they’re rare in HK – currents here more of a problem: have been deaths due to currents here, but not sharks that I know of).

      Don’t think surfboards are for hire, even from small restaurant that rents camping gear. See surfers hiking up n over carrying their boards.


        Update: Yes you can hire surf, & boogey boards at one of the restaurants in Ham Tin (next to the bridge). Though this time of year the swell is from the SW, so only small waves in TLW, or when a typhoon comes through.
        Careful of undertow and strong rip tides.
        Why would you want shark nets on Hong Kong’s most beautiful beach? Go out there and enjoy yourself.


        Hi there !

        Is there a boating map available to go to this beach from Gold Coast area?
        Is the undertow dangerous for an anchored small power boat ?

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        Its’ a long way from Gold Coast!
        – if you’ve map taking you all around to Sai Kung, can surely find from there.
        Not sure re undertows and boats; have been on boat to Ham Tin – but too choppy really that day, had to jump off in fairly deep water.


        Careful when anchoring small boats at TLW, due to tidal changes and mounting waves along the sandbanks. Suggest you anchor at Ham Tin and walk over..unless its very calm with no swell. Anchors should hold in sand, but weary of the waves…At low tide, anchor much further out. And travelling from the Gold Coast is probably some 70kms plus, that would be some petrol bill. Also the coastline can be quite unforgiving on the way up, esp refracted waves of the cliffs, stay out from the shoreline and be propery equipped etc. If you have a Boston Whaler, you’ll be fine…


        Thanks Martin!
        In stead of having the Admirality charts ,can you suggest any boating handbook for maps /charts etc?


        Thanks CharlieF!

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