The Aquatic Beauty of Hong Kong Photography Submission

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    Although I’m new here, there’s a book project they may be interesting. I’ve copied the text of the flyer below. (Yes, I am currently interning with Project Kaisei, so if I sound like I’m advertising, I apologize.)

    The Aquatic Beauty of Hong Kong
    Project Kaisei ( and Hong Kong-based Flynn Consulting will publish a 120-page coffee table book that will feature exquisite photography of Hong Kong’s beautiful aquatic landscape. The book will be published in English and Chinese with 500 copies of the book given to secondary schools in Hong Kong.

    Underwater photographers in Hong Kong create world-class images, however many of them will probably never get their pictures published. We invite you to help raise awareness around Hong Kong towards the importance of HK waters and get your precious underwater photographs published without any cost to you.

    1,000 copies will be sold via retail outlets in Hong Kong, with the proceeds going to Project Kaisei with the primary goal of raising awareness regarding landside contribution to water pollution.

    Send your photographs to [email protected]. We will accept them until August 1, 2011 and final selection will be made by September 1. We will publish the book in time for the 2011 holiday season. Photographers with contributions in the book will receive a free copy.

    About Project Kaisei
    Project Kaisei was established in Hong Kong and San Francisco in 2008 and focuses on remediation of the plastic gyre and public education to prevent plastics from entering via rivers and shorelines. They are the first NGO to work collaboratively with Scripps Oceanography in San Diego and is recognized by the United Nations as a Climate Hero and was invited to be a part of the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2010.

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