Tips on greener living w technology

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    Last month, I had request from David Wilson of South China Morning Post:

    for a scmp story canvassing leading HK environmentalists, could you pls give me say five ‘clean tech’ green living tips for HK consumers

    My reply – an edited version of which was used in the story:

    been trying to think of some ideas, tho also thinking that tech tends to to against green living (yet I write on a Mac; read of Apple – at least before – not being best co for green products).

    First, I think a lot of our key problems – esp global warming – require changes at far higher levels than consumers. Need clean tech like way cleaner coal burning (very tough; and still there’s CO2, which not easy to hide away), plus things like solar/wave/wind power. And we need these technologies very badly.

    As I don’t believe it’s enough to make changes at an individual level, my main tech for consumers is the Internet. Here, can get informed – often far better informed than in many "green" documentaries, which tend to make parts of earth look far more like paradise than is true; or can be excruciatingly dull n dutiful. Once informed, the web allows individuals to take some action – join in discussions, participate in online campaigns, play a role in striving for changes grander than switching to longlife light bulbs in your home.

    Some clean tech is obvious, and much restated: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and can add switch off. Even with hi tech gizmos, if they go wrong, get them repaired when possible, and don’t just buy new ones for sake of fashion rather than function. Try n dispose of properly. When not used, switch off at the mains rather than leave on standby

    Modern condoms may not be thought of as clean tech – but try comparing them to versions made of intestines and bladders, as in the past! With the planet straining and likely over strained with the current human population, green living also means not having loads of kids, so future generations have higher chance of better lives, rather than living on planet where increasing areas resemble Haiti.


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