Trekking type of Himalaya

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    A Nepalese tea house is a combination of guest house, restaurant, and social hang out. Private rooms are available in most tea houses, except for when one reaches high altitudes where housing will be in more of a dormitory style sleeping quarters .The lodges are fairly basic. The rooms are spare with twin beds and very little additional furniture. Most bathrooms are shared and toilets are rustic. Some locales will have either squat type or the western version. Most of the tea houses have running water facilities . Many of them have hot water available for bathing. We discourage our groups for ecological reasons from using water heated by wood however as a lack of firewood in most villages is a big environmental concern in Nepal. There is normally no electric lighting in the rooms unless the village has hydroelectric power. The dining room usually has solar lighting. Some teahouses now also have electricity for charging small appliances – mobile phones and cameras – and there may be a small charge for this. In camping trekking you spend your overnight inside of tents. Normally the site will be located nearby a small village or a yak khark (pasture land). If interested in a camping trek there will be a small group of hired support who are the trekking crew. It includes guide, cook, kitchen boys and required number of helpers based on one’s group size. At the camp site the kitchen group will cook all food according to some choices and will be in charge of serving you. We will arrange a cook who is experienced in Nepali, Continental and Indian cuisines. Normally we manage all crew members from Kathmandu. As for managing paying for the support of a number of trekking and cooking staff and arranging camping equipment and food it is to be noted that camping trekking is obviously much more expensive than choosing the ease associated with tea house trekking. In tea house trek you will get served freshly cooked food and warm beverages during trekking. In all tea houses/ lodges along the trekking trail Western, Continental and Nepali dishes are available. In trekking in Himalaya the trekkers walk approximately maximum of 5-6 hours a day with lunch breaks along the trail. The maximum altitude is depends upon which trek you are have chosen . In Nepal normally the maximum altitude of most of the trekking falls between 3500m to 5000m.

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