Tropical Cyclone Molave aims for Hong Kong

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    Tropical depression Molave has strengthened to become a typhoon (as I edit at noon on 17 July, around 350km ese of HK), and now on course towards Hong Kong. Looks set to hit early on 18 July.[Note on 19 July: it passed just to north of HK, across Shenzhen.]


    Tropical Storm Molave now heading through Luzon strait, into South China Sea. Satellite images suggest it’s intensifying, gaining "better" structure for a tropical storm (and, perhaps, a typhoon).


    Molave’s first rainband is over Hong Kong – HK Observatory radar shows it’s intense. Some posts I’ve made to Weather Underground thread on the typhoon:

    70 knots [as was reported to be strength, by HK Obs] would be Cat 1 on Saffir-Simpson Scale (albeit I believe 1-min averaging for hurricanes; 10 mins for typhoons)

    Just seen HK Obs new typhoon ranking system has severe typhoon from 80knots; so Molave approaching this.

    Still, even Cat 1 hurricane/standard typhoon strength storms very rare in HK lately. I’ve long wondered re what could happen w strong storm: many people don’t have experience of them (can get a bit blase re signals, esp when live in city – here on Cheung Chau, get more of a blow!); and various buildings untested.

    for tides, inc actual water heights vs predicted, see:

    and links to other places

    w Hagupit last year, could clearly see the storm surge moving in

    Quarry Bay just now showing minor increase from forecast

    seeing Waglan real tim info, rainband bringing temp plunge from 24 to 26C, also wind up to 65km/hr

    here on Cheung Chau, still calm, hot n humid

    Wonder if will again get intrepid (Not!!) tv reporters at Star Ferry etc, where can be calm even w gales elsewhere. They want strong footage, should be on ferry to Cheung Chau, or some other place where more typically get winds n waves etc.


    Here on Cheung Chau, much darker w clouds over [lights and computer screen inside glowing, even tho sunset well over 2hrs away]; and suddenly there’s wind really whistling thro trees, intense rain starting.

    Wind whipped to waves w white crests, when I looked a couple of mins ago. So, action even tho Molave centre well away.


    Turned out Molave turned a little towards north (rather than just due west) as neared Hong Kong – centre passed over northern Mirs Bay, then roughly over Sha Tau Kok at northeast border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and onwards towards wnw across Shenzhen. It was evidently just typhoon force at the time, tho maybe no weather station recorded hurricane force winds.

    The trak was similar to Typhoon Dujuan in September 2003.

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