Tropical storm heading pretty much for HK

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    An intensifying tropical depression over S China Sea seems (from my reading of satellite image animation) to have “lost” one centre, then “jumped” northwards – to 230 km southsoutheast of Hong Kong at 10pm (HK Observatory’s fix of position).

    It’s a clear feature on the HK Observatory radar:
    – and we’re now in some of the rainbands around the storm.

    Could make for a blustery day tomorrow – tho maybe not much chance of major strengthening.

    11pm forecast from HK Obs: tropical depression heading northwest, chance of Number 3 signal tomorrow morning.

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    Plenty of rain – and Cheung Chau among wettest places in HK in last hour or so – but the trop depression apparently hasn’t intensified much, and has been moving west-northwest in past few hours. Looks set to land in western Guangdong.

    So, Number Three signal fans (are there any?) could be disappointed.

    More rainbands close, with more circling around the rather diffuse centre of the storm (best seen on radar animations).


    Number Three signal fans rejoice!
    – the signal could go up soon, as the trop depression edges closer, and winds likely strengthen, maybe swinging from mainly northerly, to southeasterly.

    Still, that’s a long way from having a Number 8 so you can go home from the office; based on Prapiroon, with its sustained spell of winds well over hurricane force at Ngong Ping, need something real severe for that. :whistle:

    Red rainstorm warning up, tho judging by radar might get bit of reprieve from heaviest rain. (hah! – I write this and rain worsens; plus it’s near twilight outside, the computer monitor’s glowing brightly by contrast).
    Temperature rising, as get transition fron northeast monsoon winds, to circulation within the tropical depression: from 21C at midnight, now surged to almost 25C on Cheung Chau, according to realtime info from the weather station here.

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    Well, the Number Three didn’t last too long, and winds even here on Cheung Chau didn’t get real powerful – tho the heavens sure opened.
    Shot here from this morning: red flag up so no swimming, and north HK Island and Kowloon obscured by a thunderstorm.


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