Tropical Storm Nangka

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    Tropical Storm Nangka is approaching the South China coast; arouhd 320 km to southeast of us just now. Might be pretty close to Hong Kong.

    Quite a small storm, by the look of it, though looks set to bring a lot of rain tomorrow. At Weather Underground forum, there’s speculation it could intensify.

    T1 in effect; as I write this, just had short but heavy shower on Cheung Chau; HK Obs radar shows rather diffuse but thickening rain band passing westwards over HK and sea to south; storm proper yet to show up on the radar.


    Seems the Weather Underground forum comments were right; Nangka closing in on us, and may pass over Hong Kong. T3- strong wind – signal now in effect.

    Odd looking storm – "exposed eye" say W Undergr comments; radar and satellite images show only little cloud and rain in north of storm, but dense cloud (surely plenty of rain) in south, esp southwest. Set to be closest around midnight.

    Two shots here from earlier this afternoon, on Cheung Chau.

     cheung chau before nangka tung wan nangka


    As I write, HK Observatory radar shows eye of Nangka just to east of Hong Kong, heading north. Even so, not muc wind reported; here on Cheung Chau, would barely know there’s a storm anywhere near us. No rain, barely any wind; frogs calling in night.

    Towards sunset, though, did get fabuious rainbow near Cheung Chau, as rainstorm to east, over HK Island.

    nangka rainbow

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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