Wong Nai Chung War Trail

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      Hi there …

      Jus6 finished the war trail which is mentioned on the front page of the site. It’s both excellent and fascinating. An easy walk, passing ammunition dumps, old bunkers and look-outs. There are signs by each station putting things into perspective in terms of how the Japanese came down into Hong Kong, and where the defences were broken. It’s rare to congratulate the relative departments but they have done a cracking job here. For those who would like to see a bit of history, this walk is a must. The most poinant being
      the end of the walk, where the main HQ still stands, pock-marked with bullet holes. Those wanting more of a hike can go back round and walk via Tai Tam resovoir and drop into Stanley for a pint at the smugglers.

      Still not satisfied? Get up to Gin Drinkers Line. But that’s for another time.



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