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    Generally I feel safe opting for a species that’s common and I’ll certainly have a listen out for them once my detector arrives (it’s in all our stuff being shipped over).

    I’m not certain it was one of those just based on my visuals though, I’m definitely not 100% certain, but from what i saw it did look as though it had large forward facing ears whilst flying. There was definitely something sticking out from its head that looked ear-like and was even a bit paler like the wing membranes.

    The pictures I’ve just seen of the Japanese pip. have big ears when at rest but they seem to be laid back in flight and there doesn’t seem to be anything prominent on their heads.

    Thanks though.

    in reply to: Finless Porpoise Spotting? #8577

    Thanks for that quick reply, I’ll give those spots a try at some point, it’s good to get a rough location of where to start.

    Luckily I’m not expecting much, I used to do a bit of volunteer research work back in the UK and on one of the routes we covered, harbour porpoise was pretty much all we would see. Those are along exactly the same lines of that very good description (tyre floating and disappearing). I kind of like the fact that some animals keep their mystique by remaining elusive.

    I read about the humpback, that would indeed be a great sight in these waters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)